Monday, July 18, 2011

just one more thing...

just one more thing - the columbo wall

i remember as a youngster staying with my aunt hannah when mom and dad were on the town, usually a weekend and usually just the right time to catch the latest columbo mystery... i was too young to understand the idea of the "everyman" hero taking down the wealthy and elite, but i certainly caught on to the concept of someone being much more than they appeared. at first glance he was a pushover that the murderer brushed off as a schlub and by the final scene columbo had worked them over and nailed 'em to the wall.

i hadn't seen the show in years, but when peter falk died recently and RAS said he wanted to do a tribute wall i was all in. i felt like the classic "just one more thing" pose was perfect so i got to cutting a life size (or what i assume is close to life size since i don't have a scouting report on peter falk) stencil of the lieutenant. the rest as they say, is history.

shouts out to RAS for the idea, LUV1 and lil' LUV for the documentary work and MEK for some well placed advice and the letterwork on the quote... and rest in peace to the man, peter falk. enjoy the video, some details and of course columbo getting on george wendt's last nerve...

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